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Georgia Private Applicators License

The Private Applicators License allows you to do the following work:

  • Purchase, use, and supervise the use of
    • Restricted-use pesticides related to agricultural commodities on private property

How to Get the Private Applicators’s License in Georgia?

  1. Take the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training Program Course, pass its examination with a minimum score of 70% and print the Certificate of Completion
  2. Complete the Private Pesticide Applicators License Application, with Verification of Lawful Presence (if applicable)
  3. Present the application form and the Certificate of Completion to the local county Extension agent
  4. Await for the Department of Agriculture (GDA) Pesticide Division to review the application and send it to the Licensing Division (if approved). They will issue the license in 3 to 4 weeks

A Private Pesticide Applicator License is valid five years after the issue date. The worker must renew the license or retake the private applicator training if the license is expired.

The Private Pesticide Applicator License may also be obtained by reciprocity with the States of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In addition, a Private Pesticide Applicator License from Georgia allows Licensees to use restricted-use pesticides in any of these states.