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Georgia LP Gas Mechanic Contractor License

The LP Gas Mechanic Contractor License allows you to do the following work:

  • Connect
  • Check
  • Safety handle
    • LP gas systems

How to Get the LP Gas Mechanic Contractor’s License in Georgia?

  1. Be employed by a licensed LP Gas Company
  2. Fill out and complete the registration packet documents, including:
    • Application for LP Gas Agency Registration
    • LP Gas Mechanics License Application (signed by the applicant and the company)
    • Service Agency Bond form
    • LP Gas Repairmen's Test
  3. Have the equipment (provers) calibrated by the State Fuel Oil Lab
  4. Send the application and the registration packet documents to the
    Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA)
    19 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW,
    Atlanta, GA 30334
  5. Expect an answer from the Fuel Licensing Program about the license approval