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Georgia Lead Services Firm License

The Lead Services Firm License allows you to have a company in the work of lead:

  • Abatements
  • Inspections
  • Risk assessments
  • Other related disciplines

How to Get the Lead Services Firm License in Georgia?

A firm conducting lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments and/or abatement activities on target Housing (built before 1978) or Child-Occupied Facilities (schools, daycare center, etc. built before 1978), is required to apply to become a Georgia-Certified Lead Services Firm to “advertise to, agree to or perform” work or services on these types of facilities and pay the corresponding fees. There are not training, experience or education requisites, however, firms must be directed by and employ only Certified Employees to conduct lead-based paint activities (Lead Services Inspectors, Lead Services Project Designers, Lead Services Renovators, Lead Services Risk Assessors, Lead Services Supervisors and Lead Services Workers).