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Georgia Explosives Contractor License

The Explosives Contractor License allows you to do the following work on explosives and blasting agents:

  • Manufacture
  • Possession
  • Purchase
  • Storage
  • Sale
  • Use
  • Transportation

How to Get the Explosives Contractor’s License in Georgia?

  1. Meet the minimum age requirement and comply with the Rules and Regulations of the state of Georgia:
    • Be 21 years of age
    • Not have a history of or be addicted to dangerous substances or other narcotics
    • Be subject to a criminal records check
    • The applicant shall not have been convicted of a felony
    • Submit a negative drug screen
  2. Fulfill the Competency training requirement by completing one of the approved programs that are considered valid by the Commissioner:
  3. Collect the following required documentation:
    • Plans and specifications (if applying for a license for all permanent explosives storage facilities having quantities exceeding 500 pounds)
    • Proof of completion of a safe use of explosives training and/or working knowledge. Additionally, candidates must provide a notarized certification specifying the explosive/blasting field in which the applicant has been trained or certified
    • Citizenship affidavit
  4. Create an account on the OCI Citizenserve site and submit a completed application with all the required documents and fees
  5. Expect the State Fire Marshal to issue the license once everything has been reviewed and approved

Anyone applying for permits to use explosives in agricultural operations, private and personal use of explosives in areas not within 750 feet of an occupied structure or roadway, for works such as land clearing, ditching, destruction of beaver, and others, is exempt from certification. Additionally, explosive licenses sought to be obtained for commercial use will be issued by the Commissioner for the fields of construction, surface mining, underground mining, and special effects.