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Georgia Elevator (Class I) Contractor License

The Elevator (Class I) Contractor License allows you to do the following work on elevators or related conveyance equipment:

  • Erecting
  • Constructing
  • Installing
  • Altering
  • Servicing
  • Testing
  • Repairing
  • Maintaining

How to Get the Elevator (Class I) Contractor’s License in Georgia?

  1. Meet the licensure requirements:
    • Provide verification of having an Elevator Mechanic Certification
    • All Elevator Contractors must have insurance:
      • Send to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner (OCI) an original or certified copy of an insurance policy issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in this State to provide general liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 for injury or death of one person and $1,000,000 for injury or death of any number of persons in any one occurrence, with the coverage of at least $500,000 for property damage in any one occurrence and the statutory workers' compensation insurance coverage
  2. Register on the OCI Citizenserve site
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Take and pass the exam administered by the OCI
  5. Await for the OCI to issue the license

Please note that Elevator Contractor Certifications are valid for twelve months after issuance. Elevator Contractor classes require certification as an Elevator Mechanic before performing any work on elevators or other conveyances.