Requirements to Get a Georgia Contractor's License

The answer to this question depends on the division of the board through which you are applying for your license. There is the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors and the State Construction Industry Licensing Board. The latter is divided into 5 divisions. Below you can find information on all boards and their divisions.

State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors

How to get a License from the Georgia Residential and General Contractor's Board?

  • Submit Application to take the exams: Fill out the application form
  • Examination: If you have taken and passed the NASCLA exam in any other state, you may purchase your NASCLA transcript to be submitted to the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. Once your examination application has been reviewed and approved by the Board, you will be required to take and pass the Georgia Business and Law exam.
  • Pass the trade and business and law exams
  • Submit the application for licensure

State Construction Industry Licensing Board

Division of Conditioned Air Contractors | Air Conditioning Contractor Application Form

Division of Electrical Contractors | Electrical Contractor Application Form

Division of Low Voltage Contractors | Utility Contractor Application Form

Division of Master and Journeyman Plumbers | Utility Contractor Application Form

Division of Utility Contractors | Utility Contractor Application Form

How to get a License from the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board?

  • Prior to the Examination
    A complete application along with the required FEE and DOCUMENTS must be received in the Board office at the address listed above prior to the application deadline as listed on the Board website. If there are any deficiencies in the application submitted you will be notified in writing by e-mail if an e-mail address is provided. Otherwise notification of deficiencies will be sent by regular mail. Please be advised deficient applications will delay the application process.
  • Approval to sit for the Exam
    An approval letter will be sent by the Board to applicants who are approved to sit for the exam. If approved, AMP (testing vendor) will provide you a Candidate Information Bulletin, which includes an outline of topics covered in the examination. Applicants are responsible for submitting a scheduling form and correct fee to AMP by the posted deadline. The deadline dates are available on the board website.
  • Approximately 2 Weeks Prior to the Examination
    You will receive an Admission Notice from AMP, giving the date and location of the examination, as requested on the AMP-GA05 form. If you received an approval letter from the Board, but do not receive an admission notice, Contact AMP at (800) 345-6559.
  • Upon completion of the Examination
    Examination results will be sent to applicants by AMP. Applicants who failed the exam will also receive a new Examination Scheduling Form from AMP to apply for another examination date.
  • When you apply you must provide:
    • Experience Records: List your employer information beginning with your current employer. Licensee name and license number must be listed in addition to the dates of employment and a brief description of your duties. Please review the experience requirements under Board Rule 121-2-.03.
    • References: Three (3) notarized original reference forms from professionally licensed persons (architect, engineer, inspector, or licensed conditioned air contractor) who have knowledge of your conditioned air work experience are required. No copies will be accepted, as the form must include the notarized original signatures.
    • Education: All examination applicants must include a copy of a certificate of a Board approved heat loss and gain and duct design course from a board approved provider OR show completion of ACT107 on a school transcript from a Georgia vocational/technical school.