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Georgia Commercial Applicator License

The Commercial Applicator License allows you to purchase, use and supervise the following:

  • Restricted pesticides

How to Get the Commercial Applicator's License in Georgia?

  1. Register for the test on the Commercial and Structural Pest Management Testing System website. First-time applicants must select the option to take both the general standards test and a major category examination from one of the available categories
  2. Schedule the test at any of the approved locations and print the application form provided by the site. The application must be signed by the applicant and taken along with the required examination fee to the chosen testing center
  3. Take and pass the examination with a minimum score of 70%
  4. Send the passing score results, appropriate fees and verification documents to the Department of Agriculture (GDA) at:
    Department of Agriculture
    19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., S.W.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334
  5. Expect the Department to mail out the license within two weeks after all the documents have been submitted

A Commercial Applicator license in Georgia can also be obtained by reciprocity. The State has reciprocity with any other State with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved pesticide program, as long as the category applied for is in line with the State of Georgia. To get started, applicants must fill out an application, meet the requirements, and submit the application along with any necessary fees and documents to the Department of Agriculture (GDA).