Rebar Placement in Fort Myers

How to Tie Rebar

  1. Plan the project
  2. Purchase the rebar
  3. Consult your reinforcing placement drawings/plan
  4. Choose the method you will use to tie the rebar
  5. Prepare the area where the concrete is to be placed
  6. Decide whether the concrete forms will be installed prior to placing your rebar
  7. Shake out the rebar
  8. Tie your rebar
  9. Place each rebar in its respective position according to the layout described in the previous steps
  10. Select the appropriate type of tie you will use
  11. Use your pliers for tying these ties efficiently
  12. Tie all the bars required in their correct positions
  13. Chair or support your rebar
  14. Observe the rebar configuration while the concrete is placed
  15. Cap or otherwise protect any exposed bars while working near them

Materials and tools for Rebars

  • Electric Rebar Cutters
  • Heavy-Duty Rebar Cutter
  • Wire Rope Cutters
  • Rebar Cutting Shear
  • Electric Automatic Rebar Benders
  • Spiral Hoop Radial Benders
  • Manual Rebar Tying Machines
  • Automatic Rebar Tying Equipment

Rebar Suppliers in Fort Myers

Rebar Supply
CMC Rebar
L&W Supply

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Rebar Contractors in Fort Myers

CMC Rebar
Cement Industries
Pelican Rebar Inc

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