Florida Building Code Ch 13 Energy Efficiency

Out of Print. This book used to be Chapter 13 within the 2007 version of the Florida Building Code (building volume). When the 2010 edition of the Florida Building Code came out, chapter 13 was removed from the Florida Building Code (building volume) and a separate code was created. What used to be Chapter 13 is now known as The Florida Building Code-Energy Conservation. Although this reference is still listed by GITS as one of the references used for some tests, it is NOT used during the test. This reference is no longer printed by the publisher. Please DISREGARD this particular book/item. It is no longer used for testing.
Florida Building Code Ch 13Florida Building Code Chapter 13


Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Lots of great information. I learned different study methods as well. Thanks to the help of Contractor Campus online courses and in person class.
Robbie Lawler