Excavation and Grading Handbook

Excavation and Grading Handbook is an important reference for excavation contractors, specially those testing in Florida for a county license in said trade.
Excavation & Grading Handbook (2005)Excavation and Grading Handbook 2005

Excavation and Grading Handbook is a great reference used by design professionals and contractors alike. It covers all aspects of excavation contracting and is a very important book for several contractor exams. This contractor reference provides thorough coverage of material take-offs, and machine efficiency calculations.

  • SKU: r119
  • ISBN-10: 1572181737
  • ISBN-13: 9781572181731
  • Number of Pages: 514 Pages
  • Author: Nick Capachi, John Capachi
  • Publisher: Craftsman Book Company
  • Genre: Educational
  • Book Edition: Revised Edition
  • Alternate Name: Excavation And Grading Handbook, Revised Edition


Tuesday, 07 December 2021
Thanks to The Excavation and Grading Handbook I was able to pass my exam with little difficulty. I would definetly recommend contractor campus because they make studying and preparing for an exam extremely easy!
Zack Michaels
Monday, 10 December 2018
This book truly helped me out for my exam but also the after the exam! thanks to this company for making this entire process so much easier!
Jess Marie