Is there a Sponsorship for the State?

The State of Florida does not require a sponsorship as most counties do. Below you will see more information about Sponsorship.

State of Florida Licenses

To obtain a license in the State of Florida, it is not a requirement to let the State know. The License Application is what you will provide to the State Licensing Board, after you have studied and passed the examinations. The application would require prior experience, fingerprints and background checks, and a credit check. If you need any help with the State Application, please visit Application Service.

Counties in the State of Florida

Before you contact the Testing Company to choose a date for your exams, you will be required to contact your county and inform them you are obtaining a license. There will be an application you will fill out with all the information necessary. Once you turn in the sponsorship application, there will be a fee too. The form you are filling out for the Sponsorship is not the actual application for the license.

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