Do you need a license for Emergency Restoration Services work in Florida?

In the state of Florida, all companies which provide Emergency restoration services are required to have a license in the field of work that they are performing.

Companies who provide Emergency Restoration Services:

The following companies offer 24 hour emergency restoration services. These services include Water, Fire and Mold remediation. They are always prepared to give immediate response and superior service.

What makes Emergency Restoration companies different from others?

Emergency Restoration companies have the ability to go out during an emergency immediately without pulling a permit, this does not exempt them from needing the permit but they can take care of the emergency and pull the permit the following day. Florida law permits contractors to stand in the shoes of the homeowner or business with Assignment of Benefits (AOB), which enables the licensed contractor to make repair decisions and collect insurance payments without the involvement of the property owner or lessee. This enables emergency disaster response companies, restoration professionals and mitigation companies to get to work right away by agreeing to an assignment of benefits from the policyholder.

  • Mold Remediation
    In the state of Florida, a qualified applicant is the only individual that can receive a license to do mold remediation. A company cannot carry the license. The state requires that you start by submitting an application to verify eligibility.
  • Water Damage Contractors
    Restoration contractors prevent further water damage resulting from a plumbing, roofing, or sudden and accidental water leak issue.