Carpentry & Building Construction

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Carpentry and Building Construction is a heavily used textbook for a significant number of county contractor exams in Florida.
Carpentry & Building ConstructionCarpentry & Building Construction 6th Edition

Carpentry and Building Construction is an illustrated guide that includes building codes, foundations, framing, doors and windows, exterior finishing, cabinet construction, and tools. This construction textbook is used in most apprenticeship programs as well as contractor licensing classes. The author’s way of approaching the different subjects allow the student to connect the dots of information presented without being overly overwhelming.

  • SKU: r72
  • ISBN-10: 007822702X
  • ISBN-13: 9780078227028
  • Number of Pages: 992 pages
  • Author: John Feirer, Mark Feirer
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
  • Alternate Name: Carpentry and Building Construction, John L. Feirer and Mark D. Feirer, Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Tuesday, 07 December 2021
The book was really long for my liking and took me some time to study however I'm glad I read it because it was filled with a lot of useful information and was exactly what I needed to pass my exam with no problem whatsoever.
Zack Michaels
Friday, 07 December 2018
So much information, Contractor Campus is truly the best when it comes this entire process ! they know what there talking about !
Jess Marie