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Can someone else take the contractor exam for me?

When an individual is looking to perform any construction work, they are required to obtain a State of Florida Contractor License. The individual will be the one to study, take, and pass the exams. They would also have to meet all specific experience and financial requirements. This individual will be able to be the qualifying agent for a company to perform any construction work legally.

  • Primary qualifying agent
    An individual who has the necessary knowledge, skill, and experience and is able to supervise and direct any and all contracting activities of the business organization with which the individual is part of. They will have the responsibility to manage and control construction activities on a job for which the individual has obtained the needed permits. In order to become a Primary Qualifying Agent, you have taken the required examination and have been investigated, as attested by the State Licensing Department.
  • Secondary Qualifying Agent
    An individual is responsible for the supervision of fieldwork at sites where that agent’s license was used to obtain the necessary permit. All other work is either accepted or denied by this agent. They will not be responsible for the supervision of financial matters.


When applying to become a Qualifying Agent, you are required to submit an Application to the CILB. The application will include an affidavit by the board attesting the individual has final approval authority on all business matters. This includes contracts, specifications, checks, drafts, or payments, no matter the form of payment. When also applying for a license, you can qualify a business. Here at Contractor Campus, we also help with the service of the application process. We devote our time and knowledge to making sure your application is accurate with all the necessary information. We will help you out however you prefer if its by email, in-person, or phone. If any issue were to occur with the, we would make sure it is taken care of immediately. To view more information about our application services, please visit: Florida Application Services


Below you will see a few examples of the type of licenses you could obtain to qualify your construction business.

To view more information about other contactor licenses, please visit Florida Contractor Licenses.

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