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Do AC Contractors in Fl Need to be Licensed in Order for the Manufacturer's Warranty to be Valid?

HVAC equipment manufacturers demand registration of all new equipment to receive the full, limited warranty. The appliances must be registered with the manufacturer, whether the installation of a new heat pump, central air system, or motor; it assures that any licensed HVAC contractor can provide warranty service if that part breaks down.

According to Florida Law CS/HB 1203, the required registration can be done if a licensed contractor installs a new HVAC system and gives the manufacturer the date of issuance of the certificate of occupancy for installations in new buildings or the serial number of the HVAC system in existing structures. Also, when installing a new HVAC system, the contractor must give the client an invoice or receipt that documents the installation.

There are three different types of HVAC Contractor Licenses in the State of Florida: the Class A and Class B Air Conditioning and the Mechanical. If interested in having information about the scope of work, requirements, licensing and examination procedures, visit our related articles:

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