Who needs a Contractor’s License in Mississippi?

Contractors and Subcontractors will fall under two Categories when looking to obtain a license in the state of Mississippi

  • Commercial any kind of work that goes over $50,000 will require a commercial license by the state board. The license will be needed to construct, reconstruct, repair, or maintain fire protection systems on public projects over $5,000 and private projects over $10,000.
  • Residential new construction over $50,000 will need a residential building license. Any kind of work involving residential remodeling over $10,000 will need a Residential Remodeling License. If you are doing residential roofing over $10,000, you will need a Residential Roofing License.

A state license is not required if you are only performing residential electrical, plumbing, or HVAC any work that is under $10,000. you always want to contact the state of Mississippi to verify the requirements

Why do I need to obtain my Mississippi Contractor License?

Not every contractor needs a license to perform work anybody who is doing work as a commercial or residential would need one.

  • Commercial projects over $50,000 having to do with fire protection systems on public projects over $5,000, or private projects over $10,000.
  • Residential projects over $50,000, residential remodeling over $10,000, or residential roofing over $10,000.

Although you may not need a license at the state level for smaller jobs, many cities and towns require you to obtain a local permit.

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