Who needs a Contractor’s License in Mississippi?

Contractors and Subcontractors will fall under two Categories when looking to obtain a license in the state of Mississippi

  • Commercial any kind of work that goes over $50,000 will require a commercial license by the state board. The license will be needed to construct, reconstruct, repair, or maintain fire protection systems on public projects over $5,000 and private projects over $10,000.
  • Residential new construction over $50,000 will need a residential building license. Any kind of work involving residential remodeling over $10,000 will need a Residential Remodeling License. If you are doing residential roofing over $10,000, you will need a Residential Roofing License.

A state license is not required if you are only performing residential electrical, plumbing, or HVAC any work that is under $10,000. you always want to contact the state of Mississippi to verify the requirements

Why do I need to obtain my Mississippi Contractor License?

Not every contractor needs a license to perform work anybody who is doing work as a commercial or residential would need one.

  • Commercial projects over $50,000 having to do with fire protection systems on public projects over $5,000, or private projects over $10,000.
  • Residential projects over $50,000, residential remodeling over $10,000, or residential roofing over $10,000.

Although you may not need a license at the state level for smaller jobs, many cities and towns require you to obtain a local permit.


# Louise M Petersen 2022-08-12 13:41
Our company is looking to do a general construction job in Mississippi installing fiber optic cable Aerial and Underground. I am checking to see if there are any licensing requirements. We are based in Portland Oregon. The job will be over 50,000. Please let me know.
# Aengels G. 2022-08-12 15:32
Hello Louise,

For that type of work, you would need a Mississippi Master Electrician License. We have the books and classes to prepare you for the Trade and Business exams. For more information on this license please click the link below.

# Dale Walker 2022-11-18 11:34
For the state of Mississippi as a license residential electrician, is there a square footage limit of the size commercial building I can do electrical work. The wiring has been roughed in but not completed, would I be able to finish the work with a residential license? The building is around 9,000 square feet. Thanks.
# Sharilyn Baez 2022-11-21 15:46
Hello Dale, In order for you to do Electrical Work in a Commercial building, you will have to become a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Mississippi. You can take a look at the documents I have added above, it has information on the work that will be permitted depending on the type of license you hold.
# mIKE a 2023-12-14 09:00
Do I need a license in order to frame walls in a commercial business? The work will cost around $8700.
# Sofía M. 2024-01-05 16:16
Hello Mike,

A Commercial License is a prerequisite for projects estimated at $50,000 or higher. Despite your project being budgeted at $8,700, it is prudent to contact the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBC) directly to verify, if applicable, the licensing requisites tailored to this specific project. While smaller tasks might not necessitate a state-level license, many cities and towns enforce obtaining a local permit. Therefore, we strongly advise consulting with the MSBC to ensure compliance with their regulations.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 866-986-7978 if you have any additional inquiries. We are here to guide you and provide all the information you require.

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