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Who needs a Contractor's License in Arizona?

Any business that contracts or offers to contract applies to any construction job in Arizona where labor and material costs exceed $1,000 you also need to be licensed to Build,Alter,Repair,Add to,Subtract from,Improve,Move Wreck or Demolish any building,highway,Road,Railroad,Excavation or other structure,Development or improvement or to do any part of the work .Violating Arizona license requirements has penalties unlicensed contractors cannot fill out any forms that compensate for the work they have done. The list below shows what kind of work you need to be licensed to perform .

Penalties for Unlicensed Contractors

Working without a license can result in criminal penalties. In Arizona, it is a class 1 misdemeanor for a person not licensed as a contractor to:

  • Act in the capacity of a contractor (even merely bidding on a project);
  • Advertise that they are able to perform any service or contract for compensation.

A first offense accompanies a fine of no under $1,000, in addition to the chance of a half year prison time. For any ensuing infringement, the temporary worker can be fined up to $2,500.You would at present need to pay the expenses on the project you worked on. Unlicensed work of all trades in Arizona can accomplish work, for example, setting up drywall, amassing furniture, fixing windows, introducing entryways, and supplanting apparatuses. Work of all trades is ordinarily paid around $25 an hour in Arizona. If you intend to chip away at ventures worth more than $1,000 or require a structured grant, you should acquire a state permit as a contractual worker. This work would incorporate developments, massive remodel, moving a structure, and building something without preparation. On the off chance that you effectively change a structure's inhabitance, you would require a grant and a contractual worker's permit. Temporary workers acquire around $30 - $40 an hour. Sole ownership (individual), an association, a local risk organization, or an enterprise may apply for a temporary worker's permit if they have a routinely utilized individual with the necessary experience, information, and aptitudes who fills in as the passing party.

Types of Arizona Contractor Licenses

Arizona has 3 main classifications of contractor licenses:

  • General Commercial Contractors (B-1)-Allows you to take on jobs of any size, from large commercial projects to small home remodeling jobs.
  • General Small Contractors (B-2)- Allows you to work on pretty much any job, except the project cannot exceed $750,000 for labor and costs
  • General Residential Contractors- Only permits work on residential jobs; regardless if its construction, remodeling or repair. This type of license also covers specialized licenses: General remodeling/repair Residential engineering General swimming pool


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