Is it legal to do construction work in Michigan without a contractor's license?

A person may engage in a business or operate as a Salesperson, Residential Maintenance and Alteration contractor, or Residential Builder without a license if they are one of the following:

  • Officer of a court acting within the scope of the office
  • Authorized representative of Michigan, a county, township, city, village, other political subdivision of this state, or U.S government
  • Plumbing contractor licensed under article 11 of the skilled trades regulation act, MCL 339.6101 to 339.6133, which applies only to conducting installation, plumbing maintenance, or plumbing repair
  • A person other than a salesperson that engages in the business of doing work and services under contract with a residential builder or a residential maintenance and alteration contractor that is licensed
  • Mechanical contractor licensed under article 8 of the skilled trades regulation act, MCL 339.5801 to 339.5819, which applies only to mechanical installation, mechanical maintenance, or mechanical repair
  • Rental property owner, with recommendation to the maintenance and alteration of the rental property
  • Electrical contractor licensed under article 7 of the skilled trades regulation act, MCL 339.5701 to 339.5739, applying only to electrical installation, electrical maintenance, or electrical repair
  • Property owner, with recommendation to a structure on the property for the owner's use and occupancy
  • General contracting businesses working on projects valued at less than $600
    • This does not apply if the work of construction is only a part of a more extensive or significant operation, whether undertaken by the same or a different residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor or in which a division of the procedure is made in contracts of amounts less than $600.00

If an applicant does not qualify with one of the items above, they will need to obtain a Contractor license. For more information, please visit Michigan Contractor Licenses.

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