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New Mexico: What is a Manufactured Housing License?

A manufactured home (MH) means a movable or transportable housing structure or building that is more than 32 feet in length or over eight feet in width and is designed to be hauled or towed on its chassis or framework. This type of residence is intended to be installed with or without an external foundation, and it may consist of a single unit; one or more components that can be compressed for towing and then expanded for different or greater amplitudes; or two or more parts that can be towed individually before being joined to form a single fundamental unit.

The term manufactured home excludes recreational vehicles and modular or pre-made homes built following the standards of the Uniform Building Code and, therefore, meant to be permanently attached to real estate. A manufactured home does include any mobile or portable housing construction exceeding twelve feet in wide and forty feet long used for non-residential purposes.

A New Mexico Manufactured Housing License qualifies or entitles its holder to sell or import for sale in the determined State, as well as to carry out the corresponding duties of the desired MH-related trade. New Mexico has pre-established different licenses whose primary scope of work fall under the manufactured housing category, these are: Broker, Dealer, Inspector, Installer (type 1, 2, 3, and 3 - Electrical Endorsement), Salesperson, and Yardline Endorsement. No individual should perform tasks associated to such activities without a valid license, as stipulated by the Manufactured Housing Act (60-14-7).

Requirements and How to Obtain a Manufactured Housing License in New Mexico:

  1. Complete the application form for the trade you want to work in: Broker, Dealer, Inspector, Installer, or Salesperson
  2. Schedule the corresponding exam through the testing company PSI©, and fill in Examination Registration Form; although no pre-approval is required for scheduling, the Manufactured Housing Installer License applicant has obligations to the minimum of one of the following specifications:
    • 1,800 hours of experience installing manufactured homes
    • 3,600 hours of experience in the construction or building of manufactured homes
    • 3,600 hours of experience as a Supervisor or Foreman in building construction
    • 1,800 hours as an active or effective installation inspector for manufactured homes
  3. Complete a yearlong college course in a discipline that relates to construction
  4. Add up to 3,600 hours of provable education, knowledge, or experience
  5. Keep in mind that applicants must undertake 12 hours of training as part of the experience requirements for an installation license; the federal installation standards and the installation program must be covered in 4 hours of said educational requirement

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