Top 5 Insurance and Bond Companies for Builders

What Insurance and Bonding Services do Contractors Need?


  • Contractor License Bonds: These are required by state and county agencies before issuing certificates of competency or assigning an FRO
  • Bid Bond: In larger jobs it must be submitted in order to protect the owner in case the contractor decides to refuse to honor its bid
  • Performance Bond: Protects the owner in the event that repair/correction work is needed due to poor workmanship on the contractor's part
  • Payment Bond: Guarantees that suppliers and subs will be paid by the prime contractor
  • Combined Performance and Payment Bond: The owner can obtain all desired protection from this single bond


  • General Liablity: You are required by law to carry general liability coverage, just make sure that you observe the minimum amounts required by your licensing board
  • Worker's Compensation: Companies like AP Intego© are a good alternative if you are getting started and need fast/reliable coverage