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Texas Customer Service Inspector (CSI) License

The Customer Service Inspector (CSI) License gives you the authorization to:

  • Provide continuous water service to new construction, on any existing service
  • Inspect private water distribution facilities before a material improvement, correction, or addition
  • Identify and prevent cross-connections, potential contamination hazards, and illegal lead materials
  • Supply or deny water service according to the inspection results

How to Get the Customer Service Inspector (CSI) License in Texas?

  1. Meet the required education and experience:
    • High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma
    • Two years of experience in the following and related areas:
      • Operating or servicing a public drinking water treatment or distribution system
      • Activities requiring a Master or Journeyman Plumbing License
      • Conduction of building or construction inspections
      • Duties related to this profession, approved by the Executive Director
    • Up to one year of experience could be substituted with one year of College credit (thirty-two semester hours) or twenty hours of Customer Service Inspector (CSI) or Approved Water Training
  2. Send an online Customer Service Inspector (CSI) Application Form
  3. Pay the corresponding fee to the Environmental Quality Department
  4. Expect the pre-approval that is going to be sent to the registered email
  5. Take a Computer-Based Test (CBT) or a Paper-Based Exam
  6. Once the test results are validated by the Commission, the applicant will receive an official notification regarding further instructions for the licensure emission process

Texas Customer Service Inspector (CSI) License Exam

Below is the available information related to the Customer Service Inspector (CSI) CBT exam. All candidates for licensing must fulfill the pre-approval requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, before they can register to present the computer-based test. Following authorization, applicants may take the initial test plus up to three retests over the course of one year at the corresponding Registered Test Center. Access to the license exam will not be granted if the candidate does not qualify to retake the test. Depending on the testing location, applicants who fail the initial test may retake it (once) immediately and on the same day, but they shall return on another date to attempt the other three of the four chances that are given.

Texas Customer Service Inspector (CSI) Trade Exam

  • Testing Company: TCEQ
  • Time Allowed: 3 Hours
  • Subjects Involved:
    • Examination of private water distribution facilities
    • Water service conditions
    • Identification and prevention of cross-connections, potential contamination hazards, and illegal lead materials
    • Inspections of new constructions, existing services, or after material improvement, correction, or addition to private water distribution facilities