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Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA)

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is a State agency that promotes agriculture, consumer protection, economic development, and healthy living. The TDA handles different types of licenses that ensure the workers have met the required standards for community protection.


The TDA regulates pesticide use and application and is also responsible for training and licensing Pesticide Applicators. The Texas Pesticide Law requires that the TDA licenses or certifies Applicators, Technicians, and Apprentices to apply pesticides inside structures.

List of Pesticide Licenses offered by the Department:

  • Structural Pest Control Applicator
  • Structural Pest Control Apprentice
  • Structural Pest Control Technician

How to Apply for a Pesticide License in Texas?

  1. Meet all the education and experience requirements:
    • Structural Pest Control Applicator - The applicants must fulfill ONE of the following requirements:
      • Have held a Technician License for at least six months
      • Have been employed with duties including pest control services under the supervision of a Licensed or Certified Applicator for at least 12 of the last 24 months
      • Have a Degree in a biological science such as agronomy, animal science, landscape architecture, entomology, biology, agricultural science, environmental science, forestry, chemistry, or horticulture, or have 12 months of verifiable technical field experience in the past 24 months from another occupation
      • The Noncommercial Applicators must complete a SPCS approved Noncommercial Applicator Training Course
      • If the applicant doesn't hold a Technician License, they will need to submit ONE of the following documents verifying the eligibility for a Certified Applicator License:
        • Official transcripts of a two-year or four-year Degree in a biological science (agronomy, entomology, animal science, landscape architecture, forestry, agricultural science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, or horticulture)
        • A record of a Previous CA Licensee in Texas (must be on file with the Department)
        • A letter of the Technician or Applicator License verification from a different State
        • A letter outlining Other Industry Experience and any supporting documentation requested by the Department
        • A copy of correspondence from the Department granting hardship if applicable
        • If the applicant is currently licensed as a Certified Applicator or working for a business or the license is inactive and wish to add a category, they may contact PSI© to schedule an exam
    • Structural Pest Control Apprentice:
      • Does not have minimum education or experience requirements
      • An Apprentice Card will be issued for 12 months from the date of hire
    • Structural Pest Control Technician:
      • Apprentice Card (a technician exam must be passed prior to the expiration date of the card)
      • Apprentice Training
      • Approved Technician Training Course
  2. Submit the Application for Certified Applicator Exam and License Form or the Application for Apprentice Registration and Technician License (for mailing purposes), or apply online
  3. Attach criminal background documents to the Application
  4. Pay the corresponding fee
  5. Register for the applicable test (Apply only for the Technician License)
  6. Take the exam with PSI© and pass it with a score of 70 or higher to become licensed (this does not apply to Apprentice Registration)

Useful Links for Pesticide Licenses Applicants

Contact Info for TDA Pesticides Regulatory Program

Texas Department of Agriculture
TDA Licensing Division
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(877) 542-2474
Fax: (888) 232-2567
Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS)
(866) 918-4481
Fax: (888) 232-2567
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