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Tabbing Your Contractor Books

Why is tabbing your books helpful during your contractor’s exam?

Our tabs provided at Contractor Campus are permanent, which are the only ones allowed into the testing rooms. Our tabs are pre-labeled and color-coordinated. When entering the testing room, they do not accept Post-it Flags since you can easily remove them. Having tabs within your books is beneficial to find information quicker during your timed exam. They also help you with the studying process considering you would be the one to place them within each of your books. Doing the step of tabbing your books would help you understand where information is found.

Tabbing Instructions

The first tab on the sheet contains the name of the book to which the tabs belong too. Before tabbing your book, you would need to understand where your information is found. Which should tell you the tabbing process would be done towards the end. If you are unable to find a section, you may refer to the table of content within that book. The majority of all the tabs provide a page or section number, which indicates where you would place it in the book. The tab glue is very strong, please tab careful and do not expose to high temperatures as they are made from plastic and may deform.

  • Tab number one is not necessary to be placed within the book but it is completely up to your choice. When placing this one tab within your book, place it on either the first or second page. You also have the option of placing the tabs vertical or horizontal in the book. The reason for the first tab is just so you know what book the tab sheet belongs too.
  • For the rest of the tabs, it will state to you a label in which you use to then find within the book. The tabs also provide a page or section number which indicates where you would place it in the book. Tabs will be placed in order on the sheet; If you are unsure of a tab placement please refer to the table of content.

How do the Tabs help you in the testing room?

When using tabs during your exam it helps breaks down the book to make it easier for you to find the answers quicker. The tabs will give you a section on where questions may be asked. When not having your books tabbed it will be time-consuming trying to find the answer. You would need to go to the table of content, find the section or chapter then navigate to the page number. This is why tabbing your own books is so important.

What comes after tabbing your books?

Here at Contractor Campus we offer online courses. Within our online courses, they will also consist of General Subject Modules, Layout Studies, and R-modules. Besides the tabbing module, the other modules would provide you lecture videos and practice questions. You would also have everything at your own pace and you have unlimited access to the study material. When you purchase at least one online courses they include in-person refresher classes that cover business, accounting, trade math, and how to find information within the books. Everything else is covered online in the courses. These in-personclasses are offered in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale.

To further explain the modules, the General Subject Modules will help you answer the workout questions in the exams. In this module, you will see the lecture videos. In the layout studies module it helps you out during the tabbing process. It will prepare you to answer the lookup questions in the exam. This module will guide you through memorizing the table of contents and how to scrim through your books. Lastly, you have the R-modules, which are the practice questions for your books. Which having your books tabbed will help you out to answer your practice exam questions.


# Juan Soriano 2022-10-25 21:20
How do I purchase tabs for roofing contractor books? (904)616-7860
# Aengels G. 2022-10-26 10:44
Hello Juan,

To purchase the tabs for those Roofing books you can manually add each tab by going into those books and choosing "tabs only" , or you can contact us so we can make the order for you through the phone.

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