Swimming Pool Cages in Fort Myers

Types of Pool Cages

    • Dome Roof Design
      This is one of the most common designs in most homes. As the name suggests, the roof section takes the form of a dome – a semicircular shape.
    • Mansard Roof Design
      It is a unique pool enclosure design that has a flat surface with angled edges.
    • Gable Roof Design
      The roof is triangular in nature.
    • Hip Roof Design
      These screen pool enclosures have 4 sides. The four sides peak in the middle of the enclosure at an angle
    • Shed Roof Design
      Basically, this looks like an extension of the main roof of your house.

Pool Cage Materials

These are some items commonly used for the construction Pool enclosures.

    • Aluminum Frame
    • Trac Beams
    • Beam Connections
    • Fastner
    • Screens