The process to Repair Stucco in Fort Myers

  • Remove the damage
    Remove all the loose and damaged stucco by tapping it with a hammer and chisel. Be mindful not to damage the underlying wood lath.
  • Building Paper
    Cut the pieces needed to cover the exposed wood materials. So this patch will create an effective moisture barrier.
  • Metal Lath
    Place a galvanized metal mesh stucco lath, using metal snips. There should be no gaps between the lath and the edge of the original stucco. The installer would position the lath over the building paper. They would fasten it with galvanized roofing nails.
  • First Batch of Stucco
    Mix a batch of stucco product following the manufacturer's directions.
  • Scratch Coat
    Apply fist size of wet stucco into the metal lath opening to embed the wet mix into the opening. Repeat the process to cover the entire patch. Scarify the scratch coat with a trowel or scarifier. This layer should be within ½ inch of the original stucco surface.
  • Brown Coat
    Mix a new batch of stucco for a second coat.
  • Final Coat
    Mix a batch of stucco for the final, or color, coat. This coat can be a standard or custom-order color to achieve the desired look.

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