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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

What are the steps to get a license?

Apart from the requirements to obtain a license in the State of Florida, you are required to study the books that you would use for testing. Each license will require different references depending on the scope of work you can perform. Using a study guide would not help or cover the materials that will be on the exam. If you are an individual needing help to study for the exam, consider taking a course or class to help you prepare. Classes to help you prepare are very popular, though most individuals find it necessary because of the number of books you are required to obtain, and the complexity of the exam.

  1. Obtain your books
    For the State of Florida Contractor exams, it requires the individual obtaining the license to purchase specific books. You would need physical copies of the books since you would bring them with you in the testing room. When buying the books, you have the option to pick if you would like tabs. Having tabs within your books is beneficial to find information quicker during your timed exam. It also helps you with the studying process considering you would be the one to place them within each of your books.
  2. Studying
    The individual obtaining the license has the option to take classes to help them study for their exams. Classes to help you study are NOT a requirement, but it is recommended due to both the complexity of the test and the volume of content involved. Classes to help you prepare are very popular, though most individuals find it necessary. With the number of books you would need, and depending on the license, the studying process can be very overwhelming. At Contractor Campus, we offer courses online to help you prepare yourself to pass the required examinations. Our courses are designed for you to work at your own pace; you also have unlimited access to the study material. The study material consists of Lecture videos, Layout studies, and Practice exams. You can start studying your online courses on the same day you register.
  3. Testing
    Depending on the exam you will be taking, determines the number of questions and how long the exam will be. Some exams even have different sections like the General Trade Exam. Which is separated into 2 parts, one is taken in the morning and another in the afternoon. For all licenses in the State of Florida, they do require 2 exams, Trade and Business. Now those two exams will be taken on different days. Almost all of the exams work with an open schedule for you to choose from. The Plumbing License is the only one that has a required schedule for their exam.
  4. Application

    Below is what will be asked of the individual to provide to the State Licensing Board to review. At Contractor Campus, we also work with the application process since it is overwhelming sometimes to fill out yourself.

    • Examinations:
      Required to pass Trade and Business examination with a 75% or higher.
    • Financial/Credit:
      Required to have a credit score above 660. If not, the applicant must submit a bond or irrevocable letter of credit. The amount of the bond would by determined byt the amount of credit score
    • Background check:
      Must have a background and Fingerprint check as part of the licensing process.
    • Insurance:
      They are required to attest that they have obtained public liability and property damage insurance in the amounts determined by Board rule. You are also required to obtain worker's compensation insurance or obtain an exemption from worker’s compensation insurance within 30 days of issuance of their license.


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I need information
# Aengels G. 2022-05-31 08:59
Hello Bettisley,

If you are trying to obtain a Florida Contractor License, you are required to pass the Trade and Business exam. We have the books and classes to prepare you to pass both exams. Below is a link for the State Licenses.

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