Solar Thermal Manual (Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual)

Solar Thermal Manual (fka Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual) is published by the Florida Solar Energy Center (UCF) and is an important book for the Plumbing Contractor Test in Florida.

Solar Thermal Manual (Solar Water & Pool Heating Manual)Solar Thermal Manual (Solar Water and Pool Heating Manual)

Solar Thermal Manual explains all the requirements for design, installation, repair, and maintenance of solar water and pool heating.


  • SKU: r279
  • Number of Pages: 203 Pages
  • Publisher: FSEC
  • Alternate Name: Solar Thermal Manual: Solar Water & Pool Heating Manual


Thursday, 16 December 2021
I have ordered this one and I loved that it came in a binder which makes it so convenient !! It helped me out a lot when I took the test.
Monday, 24 December 2018
Contractor Campus offer tabs, they helped me navigate throughout this entire book and many others during the exam!
Jess Marie