Should I apply as an "Individual in his or her own behalf" or as an "Individual acting as a qualifying agent for a Georgia business organization"?

If the person applying is doing any business under their name, they would use it as an individual. If the applicant is applying but has any partnership, the individual must be submitted by an individual qualifying agent for such a business organization. At that point, the license will be issued to the personal qualifying agent and the affiliated business. This license does not work for the person if they try to do work for another company. If you leave the company that the license was issued with, they must apply for a new license.

What are the Education and Work Experience needed to obtain a License?

To obtain a state contractor's license for the state of Georgia, you must have education, work experience, or both before they apply for a License. The list below shows the requirements.

  • Four years of education from an accredited college or university with a degree in construction management, building construction, architecture, engineering, or related fields. Additionally, the applicant must have one year of work experience in general contracting or a related field.
  • Four years of work experience in the construction industry, with at least two years in general contracting. Other acceptable work experiences include accounting, marketing, administration, estimating, drafting, engineering, or project management.
  • A combination of education from an accredited institution and work experience that is equal to 4 years.
  • The applicant must submit proof of their education/work experience with their application. The Board must approve education credits and work experiences for those credits to be valid. the list below shows proof of experience:
    • Transcripts
    • Certificates or Diploma
    • Letters of recommendation from a previous employer or person the Board deems acceptable, such as a Licensed Architect, Engineer, or Construction Professional.

How do I Apply?

Individuals who have the necessary work and education need to apply to take the contractor's exam individuals have two application of there own choices to fill out

Qualifying agents for general contracting business have two application of there choice to fill out

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