Jacksonville Qualifying Agents

Are you a licensed Florida contractor looking to Qualify an established business in the Jacksonville area? or are you a business owner/manager looking for a talented license-holder? If so, this blog is for you, please feel free to exchange information with fellow construction industry professionals or post any questions you might have.


# Gareth R 2022-08-29 14:18
40 plus years of GC,PM, site supervision experience working for the largest Construction Companies in the country. From Detroit, Houston, San Jose, to Minneapolis.
In 14 years I built a solid commercial / residential business in St. Johns County.

I looking for a GC qualifying agent

Best Regards
# Tim Meins 2022-08-30 21:05
I am Florida state certified building contractor are you wanting to build over 3 stories?
# Anthony Rosser 2022-08-31 15:37
If the opportunity presents itself. yes
I have the relative experience to do so.

I have been operating a successful Commercial painting and restorations company over 14 years.
I would like to target Multiple Family 3 / 4 story repaints / repairs which often require permitted restoration work.
Additional I we are experiencing huge growth potentially in commercial space because of all the roof tops.
Areas of interest are.
Industrial warehouses
Tenant Improvement
Medical office

I live in St. John’s County.

Where are you located,
And what are your interest ?

Your thoughts.

Kind Regards,

904 814-3097 cell
# David White 2022-09-15 18:25
I have my General Contractor License. If you haven’t found anyone I would be happy to talk to you.
# Jason Nunes 2022-09-17 22:16
I'm looking for a GC to oversee my window installment and replacement work. Happy to discuss details, reach out to me if interested.
# David White 2022-09-19 14:18
I’m interested. Email me some information [email protected]
# Anthony P Rosser 2022-09-19 19:58
David : I can be reached at 904 814-3097

# jeremy 2022-09-26 17:39
I have been a llc subcontractor since 2015.
I am getting ready to open a window and door company and I am looking for a contractor to qualify my business in Orlando fl. for a monthly flat rate if possible.

please give me a call or text me at 407-773-0619
# Timm 2023-02-01 17:49
Did you ever find a qualifier for your company?
# Ryan S 2022-10-22 23:59
I’m an Electrical Contractor in the Jacksonville, FL area, and I’m looking to Qualify an Electrical contracting business.
If I’m a W-2 employee (not an owner) who is the Qualifier of the company, what is a reasonable length of time to require in the Qualifier Agreement, before the company can possibly fire the Qualifying Agent? I feel that a 3 year, or 5 year Qualifier Agreement is not unreasonable, if I’m coming in helping him start the company!

Thoughts please??

# Roy Flournoy 2022-10-28 20:11
Certified General Contractor CGC1521807
Roy Flournoy (321) 417-1760
[email protected]
# FS 2023-02-06 08:27
Licensed CGC since 2008. Certified Master Project Manager, International Project Manager and Fellow at the American Academy of Project Management. Open to discuss partnership opportunities.
# Pete G 2023-02-07 20:54
Looking for a certified roofing contractor to qualify our roofing business in Jacksonville Fl as we get established. Please contact me to discuss details [email protected]
# Chris Richardson 2023-03-08 15:15
I’m looking for certified Irrigation Contractor to qualify my company.
Please contact me at [email protected]
# Tom Wilcox 2023-03-13 16:28
I am a certified state plumbing contractor license # CFC1431968 if anyone is looking for a qualifier for their plumbing business feel free to call me @ (904) 322-3240 or email me @ [email protected]
# Kyle Harding 2023-03-22 14:07
Looking to hire a qualifying agent for a 1-2 day bathroom remodel business similar to rebath in Jacksonville fl. Email or call 904 334-3075.
# Tim B 2023-03-22 15:12
What is your email address Kyle?
# Kyle Harding 2023-03-23 14:35 Reply
# Mark Tenenbaum 2023-04-19 15:21
Certified Florida GC Know the drill. It depends upon the volume yousre doing in $s and number of permits. Interior residential work can be pretty nevrwracking. 571-510-2342
# george hamm 2023-05-01 10:36
I am a certified general seeking a roofing qualifying agent
# James Kellow 2023-06-08 09:48
Are you a business in need of a reliable Qualifying Agent for your plumbing projects? I have held a Florida Plumbing Contractor license for over 25 years and can qualify your business. As your qualifying agent, I will make sure that your company remains in compliance with all necessary regulations under FL Stat.489and guide you through the licensing process . Contact me at [email protected]
# J. L. 2023-06-15 14:34
I hold a Florida CGC license and am available to qualify a reputable company. Please call or text 786-600-3429. Thanks
# Derrick McCollum 2023-11-01 11:44
We have a smaller construction company and February two years ago we lost one of our owners in an accident. This owner was our qualifier for our license and we are now pursuing our license but time is not our friend. We do mainly Medical work, ASC's, MOB's and additions and renovation to hospitals. Feel free to check us out at arconms.com.
Thanks for you consideration,

Derrick McCollum
# Tim Bates 2023-11-03 11:28
Reach out to me.
[email protected]

Tim Bates
# Mark Tenenbaum 2023-11-03 11:33
I am interested. You have the kind of background for me-Ive had a lot of amateur replies and had some time wasted. I am working with a builder in Maitland ($700000 plus assessed permit value, which is in the last nitpick permit stages for issuance) Same scenario-45 days worth of docs to the Board "were lost": and they couldnt"t figure it out for 30 more days. So we changed direction for the same reasons If warrented-we have access to quite a bit of skilled help for projects. Especially now till approx. April. I've done SIMILAR commercial work up here (Wash DC-Northern Va Delaware MD) Mark T Statewide Renovations and Design LLC Call -571-510 2342-Or email me from here with interest. Thanks I'll go on your site as well.
# EMD 2023-07-30 15:02
I am looking for someone to qualify a residential HVAC installation and repair company in the Jacksonville area.
# TAMMY GEIGER 2023-08-08 12:54
I am looking for underground utilities contractor to qualify my new business until I can get established. I have over 30 years of experience in this field of work.
# Frankk 2023-10-13 13:32
I am a certified building contractor in Florida looking to qualifying a reputable contractor. If interested in discussing please email me at [email protected]
# Kimberly Wilds 2023-10-13 13:43
Looking for a qualifier for roofing in Jacksonville Florida
# Glen Ballard 2023-10-23 10:21
I have my CBC 1263794 in inactive status currently. I would be interested in qualifying a reputable company in the NE florida area. I can be reached at [email protected]
# Chad Childress 2023-11-15 16:39
I am a Certified Residential Contractor in Florida. I would be interested in qualifying a reputable company in Florida. I am also a Residential Builder and Commercial Builder in South Carolina. I would too be interested in qualifying a reputable company in SC. I can be reached at [email protected]

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