How does House Bill 735 Affect me in Polk County?

Polk county contractors are wondering how they will be impacted by the passage of House Bill 735 in Florida. This article has been created to monitor and update Polk county’s response to this new law. If you have any questions or information to contribute, we encourage you to post a comment below. All questions will be promptly answered to the best of our ability.

Polk County is still registering State certified and registered Contractors. Currently, they have yet to respond to Florida House Bill 735. To view each county response, visit our Blog on the Preemption local occupational licensing in Florida.


# keith harmon 2022-03-02 12:58
hi im a state licensed specialty structure contractor.
Harmons services llc
i was wanting get my registered roofing license for 1 year to satisfy my 1 year experience requirement before the july 2023 deadline. is this still posdible
# Aengels G. 2022-03-02 15:15
Hello Keith,
Yes is it still possible, but you will need to be able to provide proof of experience for the Roofing Contractor License.
# Allie W Smaidi 2022-04-14 17:07
Do I need a Contractor License to do paining in Polk county?
# Sharilyn Baez 2022-04-15 10:27
Hello Allie,
In order to do painting in Polk County, you do not need to obtain a county license. If you would like to do that type of job in other counties we recommend that you obtain the Residential State License.
# Cj parks 2022-07-11 08:01
For exterior painting is there a limit on the price of the job you can do with out needed a license or anything else? Is exterior painting aloud now with out any license? Thank you
# Sharilyn Baez 2022-07-11 10:52
For Polk county, you would not need a license to do exterior painting. For the specific amount that you can work without a license, we recommend that you contact your local building department.

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