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City of Davie Permits

The main permit application is the Broward County Uniform Building Permit Application

The following is a list of permit checklists for individual trades in the city of Davie.

To view individual permit checklist, click one of the following:

Permit Checklist

Most permits require the following forms:

  • Copy of contractif submitted by a contractor
  • Proof of ownership (deep or curerent tact bill)
  • One (1) original signed/sealed survey and (2) copies to scale (do not reduce size) survey shall not be older than two (2) years. Unless no chnages have been made and survey affidavit is provided. Survey is must show all easements and encumbranes.
  • If suite/land is leased: Owner or managing Agent must provide notarized letter approving the proposed imporvement(s).