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City of Deerfield Beach Permits

In the city of Deerfield Beach you are required to have permits in all of the following trades. To view specific permit applications, click on the following.

Permits required in the City of Deerfield Beach:

The Broward County Uniform Permit Application will be required in all jurisdictions within Broward County on April 1, 2016. The following are list of individual trades which require permits:


Building Permit Application


Electrical Permit Application


Landscape Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Application

Windows and Doors / Shutters

The following types of Windows/Doors are covered with one permit. For more information on the documents which are required, please visit the Windows and Door Permit Requirements

  • Retrofit Windows
  • Non-Retrofit Windows

Building Permit Checklist:

A Building Permit is required along with the following items.

  • Complete Permit Application, reflecting total job value (provide copy of contractor) and square footage, sub-contractor applications and verify all contractor records are up to date.
  • Approval by all required outside Agencies (e.g. Broward County Elevators AHCA, etc.)

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Online Permit Submittal:

The City of Deerfield Beach Building Department is continuously making efforts to provide the public with exceptional solutions and will now be accepting digital submittals of permits for water heater replacements, air conditioning replacements and electrical panel/service changes.