Performing Soil Compaction in Fort Myers

How to perform Soil Compaction

  1. Acquire a layered soil sample
  2. Determine the weight by using the Proctor mold with the base and the collar extension
  3. Put together the compaction tool
  4. Place soil in the mold in 3 layers
  5. Compact the soil with 25 well-distributed blows of a hammer
  6. With care remove the collar extension and base without distributing the soil
  7. Determine the weight of the Proctor mold and the soil
  8. Oven dry the soil for 12 hours which will determine the moisture content

Materials and tools

  • 1/30 cubic ft. mold
  • 5.5 lb. hammer
  • 12" drop
  • 3 layers of soil

Soil Compaction Suppliers in Fort Myers

The Home Depot
FT. Myers Lowe's
Vision Ace Hardware

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Soil Compaction Contractors in Fort Myers

Advance Testing Co Inc
Environmental Risk Management, Inc.
GFA International, Inc.

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