Palm Beach County (Florida) Business Procedures (GITS) Course


Course Description: This course can be taken through morning, afternoon, and evening classes, every week. You will be able to choose from all available times and dates at the time of your registration (first come, first served).  Once you register for the course, you will be contacted to set up your training sessions according to your schedule. The subjects covered in this training will reflect material specific to this exam (no generic material). You can access the live classes from any computer and talk to your professor (one-on-one) in real time. You will also receive access to practice questions and training material to complete before taking the exam, after the live training sessions. An email with all instructions will be sent to the student’s email address, immediately after registration. Please continue scrolling down this page for a detailed list of books and subjects involved in this exam. 

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Thursday, 17 January 2019
A lot of information is provided within this course! I love how everything is at your own pace ! I recommend all there material !