Painting Contractors in Fort Myers

To do painting in Lee County (Fort Myers) you are required to obtain a painting contractor's license.A licensed painter can perform the following work: paint spraying equipment and hand tools to apply paint to interior and exterior surfaces; includes painting concrete, sealing river rock, sandblasting and general coating except roof applications.

  • A proven history of experience
  • Obtain the best tools for the job
  • Offer the highest level of proven quality
  • Comprehensive Fully Warranted work
  • A painting contractor has the ability to remove all risks and responsibilities from a potential client.
  • Carrying both general liability and workers compensation policies is just the start of how a painter and painting contractors differ. These policies will cover personal injury and any incidental or consequential damages.

Painting Contractor Job Duties

  • Estimating: To win work, contractors generally have to bid against other suppliers
  • Planning: When their bids are successful, contractors meet customers to finalize their requirements and plan the order and timing of work. Contractors estimate the time required for surface preparation, painting several coats and drying time between coats
  • Preparation: Contractors might have to fill cracks or holes and remove old paint if it is badly worn, peeling or flaking. They remove all paint and apply a suitable primer to the bare surface
  • Painting: Contractors apply several layers of paint to achieve a suitable finish. They leave the first coat to dry for the recommended time and apply one or more finishing coats
  • Management: Painting contractors must also carry out administrative and marketing duties. They prepare final accounts for customers based on the original estimates and any additional work

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