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Electrical Contractor's Board Contact Information

North Carolina Electrical Contractors Board
3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 206 Raleigh, NC 27609
Telephone: (919) 733-9042
Fax: (800) 691-8399

Which Licenses Are Issued by the Electrical Contractor's Board in North Carolina?

  • Limited Electrical
  • Intermediate Electrical
  • Unlimited Electrical
  • Single Family Detached (SP-SFD) (Residential Dwelling Electrical)
  • Fire Alarm Low Voltage (SP-FA/LV)
  • Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Electrical (SP-PH)
  • Elevator Electrical (SP-EL)
  • Ground Water Pump Electrical (SP-WP)
  • Electric Sign (SP-ES)
  • Swimming Pool Electrical (SP-SP)

Application Process for Electrical Contractors in North Carolina

You must first submit the Examination Application Form and successfully pass the qualifying examination. Then you must submit the application for the desired Electrical Classification. For the fastest and most convenient examination scheduling process, PSI recommends that you register for your examinations using the Internet. You register online by accessing PSI’s registration website at

Reciprocity Agreements for Electrical Contractors in NC

You can find the reciprocity agreement here. They have reciprocity with Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

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