New Mexico Welder (JW) Journeyman License

The Welder (JW) Journeyman License allows you to do the following work:

  • Can work under an (MM-1) Plumbing, (MM-2) Natural Gas Fitting, (MM-3) Heat, Vent and Air Conditioning, (MM-4) Heat, Cooling, and Process Pipe or (MM-98) Mechanical License when holding the appropriate journeyman certification for the license classification
  • Assemble pieces of metal
  • Repair damage in metal components
  • Review blueprints
  • Cut metal into the appropriate shape
  • Smooth molten metal to remove creases

How to Get the Welder (JW) Journeyman License in New Mexico?

  1. Submit a complete notarized package with the following documents and send it to PSI©:
    2820 Broadbent Pkwy NE, Suite E & F
    Albuquerque, NM 87106
  2. Once the application packet has been approved and eligibility cleared, the license will be issued via USPS to the home address provided. (Licenses are effective only for three years, and a Contractor License Renewal Form must be submitted prior to expiration during each cycle).