New Mexico CORE (GF) Exam

GF applicants taking one or more of the GF trades must also take the GF Core exam, which is not a trade but an examination.

New Mexico's Regulation & Licensing Department requires all candidates applying for the Airports (GF-1); Bridges (GF-2); Canals, Reservoirs, or Irrigation Systems (GF-3); Drainage or Flood Control Systems (GF-4); Recreation Areas (GF-5); Railroad and Tunnel Construction (GF-6); Tanks and Tower (GF-7); Transmission Lines, Tanks, and Substations (NonElectrical) (GF-8); Utility Lines (GF-9); and Fixed Works (GF-98) Licenses to take the CORE (GF) Examination as part of the licensing process. The testing company in charge of administrating the examinations in New Mexico is PSI©. This exam is made up of questions on subjects such as Stormwater Management, Project Management, Building Code, among others. Below you can find all the books needed to prepare for the exam. Please refer to the CORE (GF) candidate information bulletin for further information.

New Mexico Contractor Licences That Require the Core (GF) Exam

New Mexico Core (GF) Exam Information Outline

The New Mexico Core (GF) Exam is a computer-based multiple-choice exam required to be taken by 10 NM State Contractor licenses. This exam is considered a trade exam. The test can be taken through PSI© and consists of 40 questions with a requirement of a minimum passing score of 75% (30 Points). The maximum time allowed for this exam is 100 Minutes. The total number of questions is based on the subjects involved, where each subject has a specific number of questions. There are six total subjects involved. Stormwater Management (10), OSHA Safety (8), Project Management (6), Surveying / Layout (5), and New Mexico One-Call (6), Building Code / Inspections (5).

New Mexico CORE (GF) Exam Books