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How to install a Seawall?

Part One

  • Plan on where you would be building the seawall. Walk alone the area with tape measure, notepad, and a pen. By using a tape measure you would track the length you would like to achieve. Sketch a rough outline of your shore, taking any special changes like in elevation or sharp curves. Eventually, use spray paint to mark off 8’ (2.43m) intervals where you would place the poles.
  • Once you find the location of the seawall, you could use any existing landmarks to track the height of the water. At least for a month you would need to measure the high water mark for at least, during the highest tide of the day. This would tell you how high the seawall you would build.
  • Depending on the body of water, there may regulations with the county, state, and/or country. Most cases you may need to obtain a permit or have the area inspected. If necessary, obtained the proper permits.
  • Gather all necessary supplies you will need, as well as some heavy machinery.

Part Two

  • To prepare the metal pipes you will need to weld 4 pieces of U-shaped rebar onto each of the metal pipes. The first should be 4” from the top of the pipe. Second rebar would 4” inches below the first one. The third rebar should be 8” and the last rebar would be 4”.
  • Now for the most challenging part, digging the holes. Each hole needs to be at least 2’ deep and 10’ wide. By using a jackhammer dig each hole for the metal post.
  • Position each of the poles into the holes. Use a level to make sure they are even and uniform with one another.
  • Once the poles are positioned, pour enough quick-drying cement to completely fill each hole. Allow 24 hours for the concrete to set. If the holes were to fill with water, use a sub-pump to remove the water before adding concrete.

Part Three

  • Now to measure and cut the boards needed. These wooden boards are 10’ long. You will need 2 of these to fill each 2 x 8’ space between the sets of poles.
  • Line up each board with each set of poles. Mark the locations on where you will drill holes for the rebar to pass through. Each of the boards will have 2 holes drilled on either side.
  • Fit the boards to each of the poles by sliding the rebar into the holes you made. This process will be a 2 person job to make sure its flush with the post. Twist a nut and washer onto each piece of rebar to secure it.
  • Fill the land side with rocks and large gravel to allow adequate drainage. Cover the area with sand, and finish with a layer of topsoil.

Materials and Tools

  • Metal pipes, 4’ long (1.21m), 3” (7.62cm) diameter, one every 8’ (2.43m)
  • 2 x 12” (5.08 x 2.54cm) treated lumber, 10’ long (3.04m), 2 boards between each set of poles
  • Threaded rebar, 4 - 10” (25.4cm) pieces per metal pipe
  • Quick-drying concrete
  • Galvanized nuts and washers, 8 sets per metal pipe
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Jackhammer

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