Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

Out of the Book Set, is there a particular Book that is more Important?

All books are equally essential to help you study and pass your examinations. There is no single book that is more important to help you pass the exam. Now there are some books which do have a bit more information. This all depends on the volume and content-type. This includes more targeted questions during testing. You are still required to obtain and study all the essential books.


  • Book set with Tabs
    This package includes all the neccessary books needed for Trade and Business examinations. The tabs will not be placed within the books for you. Tabbing your books would help you understand where information is found. It is also beneficial for having tabs within your books to find information quicker during your timed exam.
  • Book set without Tabs
    Not having your books tabbed would not be helpful. All Florida State and County Contractor Examinations will be open book and timed. When not having your books tabbed, it will be time-consuming trying to find the answer. You would need to go to the table of content, find the section or chapter then navigate to the page number.


At Contractor Campus, we offer online courses. Within our online courses, they will also consist of General Subject Modules, Layout Studies, and R-modules. These modules will provide you lecture videos and practice questions. You will have all the study material at your own pace and have unlimited access to it. When you purchase at least one online course, they include in-person refresher classes that cover business, accounting, trade math, and how to find information within the books. These in-person classes are offered in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale.

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