Who needs a Contractor's License in New Mexico

All state licenses are supplied by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, also known as the NMRLD. In New Mexico , a Contractor License is indispensable and crucial to assure and establish safety, quality, expertise, and competence in every construction enterprise. Thus, contracting without a license is prohibited and against the law. For a contractor license, the applicant must take and pass exams administered by the testing company PSI©. The minimum passing score is 75% or higher passing score for the trade selected and Business and Law examinations. The state consists of several different Boards. A few examples would be General Building , Plumbing and Mechanical, Electrical , and LP Gas (Liquified Petroleum Gas).

General Construction licenses are issued by the General Building Bureau and submitted through PSI© . The Construction Industries Division (CID) values and secures the public by supervising the industry through policies that increase business growth, safety, and the public's best interest. Once obtaining a license, contracting can only be done in the capacity of the elected trade. New Mexico obligates all contractors applying to practice for one of the general construction licenses to have a minimum of two years of authentic experience in their corresponding fields.

In New Mexico, Plumbing and Mechanical work are required to be under the supervision or completed by an individual who has a Journeyman Certificate. To further explain, even if a contractor's license is obtained in one or several trades, the applicant must be a Journeyman or recruit a valid Journeyman to execute the work under a distinct categorization. The Mechanical and Plumbing Bureau within Construction Industries Division offers contractor licenses to particular businesses or negotiations which employ or are possessed by someone certified/valid by the state as a Qualifying Party.

Electrical and LP Gas Classifications are issued by the New Mexico Construction Industries Division. For each category, the CID has its board, Electrical Bureau, and LP Gas Bureau . The applicant must have a valid journeyman certificate to obtain an Electrical Contractor License. To acquire an LP Gas Contractors License, the applicant must fill out and send the LPQ Qualifying Party Certificate to PSI©.

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Visit the overall process for getting the chosen contractor license under the bureau for which the license falls:

General Construction
Mechanical and Plumbing
Electrical and LP Gas

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