Commercial Construction in Fort Myers

Steps to Commercial Construction

    1. Planning And Development
      •Finding a property location
      •Pre-designing the building/facility
      •Introducing the architect and general contractor
    2. Design/Build
      Contractors will typically join architects in this design phase. At this point, the project cost is more comfortable to estimate. When working with architects, you will gain information about the current market price and make more timely decisions. The design team must make sure that all the designs need to meet building codes and regulations.
      •Construction Bidding
      •Schematic Design
      •Design Development
      •Contract Documents/Working Drawings
    3. Pre-Construction
      This process will be listing all materials, textures, sizes, and colors that are sent to vendors. They also forward this information to the commercial subcontractors for quotes. A site investigation is undertaken to make sure there are no unexpected complications such as environmental hazards, and the soil is tested to make sure it is well suited.
    4. Procurement
      All materials, equipment, and labor needed for the project are purchased by the general contractor.
    5. Commercial Building Construction and Post-construction
      An inspection is done upon completion for each aspect of the project. A project punch out is conducted near the end of construction to identify minor issues. Final repairs are made before furnishings and equipment are brought in. Once all requirements have been met, the project architect finally issues a certificate of substantial completion. At this point, a building official will perform a final inspection.

Materials and tools needed to perform Commercial Construction

      • Hammer
      • Tool pouch
      • Safety Glasses
      • Extension Cords
      • Demolition Bars
      • Carpenter Squares
      • Cutting Knives
      • Brooms
      • Dust Pans
      • Shop Vacuum
      • Ladders
      • Standard Level
      • Hand Saws
      • Lighting
      • Tape Measures
      • Hearing Protection
      • Stud Finders
      • Face Mask
      • Tape
      • Marking Implements
      • Drill
      • Drill Bits
      • Tarps and Drop Cloths

Commercial Construction Suppliers in Fort Myers

L&W Supply
HD Supply White Cap
Marjam Supply Company

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Commercial Construction Contractors in Fort Myers

Stultz Inc
Black Sand Construction, LLC.
B&I Contractors, Inc.

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