How to get a Mississippi Contractor's License?

If you plan on doing any construction work that involves reconstruction, repair, or maintenance. you are required to obtain a contractor license

  1. You need to fill out an application for the license you want or have it mailed out to you. once you fill it out, the application must be sent 30 days before your meeting with the board
  2. Once you have filled out all the necessary forms, you will receive information on how to schedule an exam. the exam is also open book along with that information, it ill show what books are allowed in the testing room
  3. After the exam, your application will be reviewed with your scores and all other necessary application forms. once the review is finalized, you will be issued a license in 7-10 days

What Tests or Exams do I Have to Take?

Required but the Mississippi State Board of Contractors to obtain a license, you will need to take Mississippi Law and Business Management exam and a trade exam. When you are ready, the MSBOC will provide you the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin, all you need to register for the exam. You won't be able to schedule the exam until you receive a confirmation notice from PSI.

How do I Renew my Mississippi Contractor License?

Sixty days before your license expires, you will be sent a renewal application from the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBOC). If your address has changed, you do have to notify MSBOC immediately. If you have passed your expiration date by 180 days you will need a new license application.

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