How to Become a General Contractor in Florida

To get a General Contractor' license in Florida you need to:

  • Pass Three Exams
    • Contract Administration (Trade Exam 1)
    • Project Management (Trade Exam 2)
    • Business and Finance (Business Exam)
  • Show Proof of Experience in at least four of the following areas:
    • Foundation/Slabs greater than 20,000 sqft.
    • Masonry walls
    • Steel erection
    • Precast concrete structures
    • Column erection
    • Formwork for structural reinforced concrete
    • Elevated slabs
  • Demonstrate Financial Stability
    Must have FICO of 660, if not, a bond will be required
  • Pass a Background Check
    Must have fingerprints taken at one of the facilities of the state's vendor

Applying for the GC License

Once you pass the three exams, you must submit the application. In the process of submitting the application, you will have to demonstrate your experience, financial stability, and get fingerprinted for your background check.

General Contractor Application Forms

There are several applications related to getting a GC license in Florida. Below is the link to the actual forms.

  • CILB 1 Initial and Retake Examination Application View Application
  • CILB 5-A Certified General Contractor as an Individual View Application
  • CILB 6-A Certified General Contractor Qualifying Business View Application
  • CILB 7-A Certified General Contractor Qualify Additional Business Entity- new license View Application
  • CILB 10 Endorsement as Individual Certified General Contractor View Application
  • Professional Licensure for Military Personnel/Veterans/Military Spouses (MVL 003) View Application