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Books & Classes for your Contractor's License

Highlighting for the General Contractor Exam

You are allowed to highlight in your books but you may NOT write with the highlighter in the book. We also offer tabs that are more beneficial for you to use. There is one pre-labeled tab sheet which contains 25 individual tabs per book. The tabs are color-coded for easier use during testing. Remember that most of the exam is finding information within your books and having tabs allows you to do so much faster than other test-takers.

Be Careful with your Contractor Books

Reasons why highlighting your book is not a good idea.

  • Questions come from anywhere in the books; there isn't just one important part.
  • You shouldn't highlight because you won't know what's going to be on the test.
  • 19 different books
  • Everything in the books is important; you do not want to highlight the entire book.

Questions to ask the company or person selling the highlighting

  1. What logical objective process was followed to determine the highlighting outline?
  2. What's the academic reason for highlighting?
  3. Are the "things" highlighted answer's to actual questions?
  4. How many things am I highlighting?
  5. Is it possible that the highlighting that is being offered was subjectively determined without an academic reason or logical process?

How to properly prepare for your General Contractor Exam

The General Contractor license allows you to work on most trades in your construction projects, and for the trades, it does not cover, it allows you to work legally and for-profit to a licensed sub-contractor. It allows you to build, repair, and remodel any building regardless of size or number of stories. Becoming a General Contractor in Florida asks for a few requirements and experiences that you will have to prove. You also must pass the three exams it requires, Contract Administration, Project Management and Business and Finance Exam. The best way to prepare for the exams is to use our books with tabs and online courses, we also offer in-person classes. For more information on General Contractor click here.

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