Hawaii Asbestos (C-19) Contractor License

RMEs submitting the application to do asbestos, enclosure, removal, encapsulation, renovation, repair, demolition or other disturbances of friable asbestos or asbestos containing material shall meet all requirements with the exception of experience. In lieu of experience, the RME shall submit proof of successful completion of a 4-day Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Board approved asbestos training course within two years prior to filing the application.

If you are looking for a contractor's license with a broader scope of work, which will allow you to manage entire projects and sub-out asbestos-specific work to a subcontractor, you may want to consider getting a Hawaii General Building (B) instead.

Please note that an Abestos Abatement worker must be a minimum of 18 years of age, and successfully complete an accredited 4-day initial training course. Asbestos abutment workers are allowed to perform abutment work as designed by a certified Project Designer and perform small-scale, short-duration or emergency activities.