What to expect on the new 2020 General Contractor Exam in Florida

List of Subjects for Contract Administration

  • Preparing cost-estimates
  • Obtaining and evaluating bids
  • Square Foot Method
  • Penalties and Contingencies in Construction
  • Types of Contracts
  • Primary Contracts
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Contract Amendments
  • Payments and Draws
  • Closing out Contracts
  • Licenses Required for Different Scopes of Work
  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Construction Schedules
  • Coordinating Construction Activities

List of Subjects for Project Management

  • Performing Site Layouts
  • Soil Conditions
  • Performing Earthwork
  • Placing and testing Concrete
  • Placing Masonry
  • Framing with Wood
  • Framing with Metal
  • Innovative Techniques
  • Implementing Energy Efficient Construction
  • Installing miscellaneous materials
  • Understanding the use of Heavy Equipment
  • Complying with OSHA standards
  • Complying with other Safety Standards and Practices
  • Construction Documents
  • Interpreting Construction Codes and Standards

Here are the Contract Administration and Project Management Examination Content Information.

Below are the Courses to prepare you for the exam!

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