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General Contractor Classes in Florida

There are three major testing subjects on the FL GC exam. Those are Contract Administration, Project Management, and Business & Finance. That's the reason why classes (exam prep) are broken up into those components.

  • Florida General (Contract Administration) Contractor Course

    This course prepares you for the first part of the General Contractor's Trade exam, Contract Administration. This test could be described as the "softer" of the two. It does require the same books as the Project Management part, but all its questions lean more towards the administrative end of the spectrum, but without going into the realm of business and finance. On this part of the exam the AIA documents along with the Florida Contractor's Manual are heavily tested. Questions from technical books like Walker's and Principles and Practices of Commercial construction tend to be more about the non-technical aspects of trade like coordination with subs, the overall construction process, record-keeping (logs), estimating techniques, safety, pre-construction, contracts, licensing, and construction procedures. Our practice questions will expose you to the areas of your books which contain these subjects.
  • Florida General (Project Management) Contractor Course

    This course prepares you for the second part of the General Contractor's Trade exam, Project Management. This is the one students find the most difficult. This part of the exam requires you to read blue prints and solve math problems in order to obtain quantity take-offs. Our lecture videos will instruct you step-by-step on how to solve those problems, and if you are still having trouble, you can always come to one of our in-person cram classes. The nature of the look-up questions (the ones you must find within your books) are much more technical than in the Contract Administration part, but our practice questions are designed to help you familiarize yourself with those precise areas of the books. The subjects you can expect to be heavily targeted on this test are site layout, soil conditions, surveying, concrete, masonry, earth-work, wood/steel framing, and energy efficency.
  • Florida Business and Finance (Construction) Course

    This is the course which prepares you for the Business and Finance exam. The Business and Finance exam is mandatory for all contractors regardless of specific trade. This course teaches you how to find answers within the books (AIAs, Builder’s Guide to Accounting, Florida Contractor’s Manual, and Ch 455), and how to solve accounting problems. Detailed lecture videos teach how to solve problems step-by-step, and if you need some extra help, you can go to in-person review classes at no extra charge.

All General Contractor Classes are offered fully online (unlimited access to practice questions and lecture videos), and although not mandatory, in-person review classes are offered in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers all year round. View Class Schedule

To view the list of Books used during the exam, please visit the General Contractor Books Set page.

To view the official test descriptions (number of questions and subjects included in each test) you may visit the official examination content site.