Windows and Doors Selection and Installation in Fort Myers

In the city of Fort Myers you are required to have a license to install windows and doors. Below are different licenses in Lee County that will allow you to perform this work:

Installation of Windows

  • Check the rough opening
  • Protect against water infiltration
  • Install the window
  • Level the window
  • Check the window for square
  • Seal the perimeter
  • Install Window
  • Insulate against drafts

Installation of Doors

  • Prep the opening (check the sill)
  • Caulk the opening
  • Set the door frame
  • Shim, square and fasten the frame (Tack the top corners)
  • Plumb the hinge side
  • Shim the door frame
  • Close-up of shims
  • Secure the frame with screws
  • Add the finishing touches (Seal the shim space)