Plastering and Lathing in Fort Myers

How to Plaster a Wall

  1. Start with clean tools
  2. Lay out drop-cloths to keep your work area clean
  3. Clean the wall to remove dust and debris
  4. Brush on PVA glue to prepare the wall to hold the plaster
  5. Mix your plaster in a 5 or 7 gallon
  6. Stir the plaster continuously to thicken it
  7. Heap some fresh plaster onto your hawk board
  8. Use your trowel to ready a small amount of plaster
  9. Smear the plaster onto the wall, starting with the bottom corner
  10. Plaster the wall in sections
  11. Smooth the first coat of plaster
  12. Scrape the plaster to add texture before adding the second coat
  13. Spread on a second and final coat of plaster
  14. Use a float to get an even finish
  15. Allow the plaster to set

Materials and tools for Plastering and Lathing

  • Trowel
  • Snip
  • Plastering Brush
  • Plastering Spatula
  • Float
  • Hawk or Hand Board
  • Multi Tool
  • Marking Crayon
  • 1″ PVC Pipes
  • Screed
  • Utility knife
  • Mason’s chisel
  • Wooden Board

Plastering Suppliers in Fort Myers

L&W Supply
Lowe's Home Improvement
The Home Depot

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Plastering Contractors in Fort Myers

Pearl Pool Plastering, LLC
Lee Drywall, INC
Coral Plastering & Wall Systems

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